Dairy products, breads, fresh vegetables & fruits in easy to consume packs: Delivered in 30 min. for your daily needs.
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Perfect for the whole family! Your all-time desi favourites.
A Traditional Dum Preparation. Extra-Long Grain Basmati Rice & Aromatic Whole Spices. Indulge in the Feast.
Our Contemporary Take on the Authentic Royal Thali. Bon Appetit!
Lip-smacking curries + Paratha/Rice + Salad in perfectly curated portions to satisfy 1 person's hunger.
Our Signature 8 Layer Desi Meal, in a Box! An Amazing Fusion of Flavours. Super Convenient
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Whole Wheat (NOT Maida) Paratha Base, Stuffed with Delicious Fillings, Oven Baked (NOT fried)
Excuse for an extra meal? A 5:00 pm snack or chakna with drinks. Craving different or just eating light? Order anytime!
An after-meal temptation or just another craving? Fulfil here!
Your meal is complete only with a refreshing drink on the side!


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